IT Education in Rajkot:

The People of Rajkot have flair to adopt new things. Computer education is also adopted as a new thing in Rajkot. Today there are more than 20 big or medium size and more than 90 small computer education institute functioning in Rajkot.Franchise base large or medium size institute charges heavy fees which only the upper class of society can afford while small computer institute charges little less fees but they can not provide proper education because of inadequate infrastructure & other capabilities. The revolution is only possible when a large portion of society is involved in the process. Shree Arvindbhai  Maniar institute of information technology aims at bringing the society at large in IT revolution & is proud of only institute in the region which imparts information technology training at THE MOST REASONABLE FEES.



Certificate in Software Engineering.

6 Month Course  

Advance Diploma in Software Engineering

1 Year course                         


Advance Diploma in Web Engineering

1 Year Course                                                      



Other Short Term Courses

        3 Months Courses

        15 Days courses

        6 Month Courses