The Cyber way:

By the turn of 20th century India has adopted a new mantra - Information Technology (IT) - and almost everyone has started chanting it. The nation has decided her destination in 21st century for Progress and Prosperity through information Technology. Today, 23% of Microsoft's, 21% of Intel, 19% of IBM ,18%  of Oracle workforce is from Indian origin. At present, I .T. is a $5.7 billion industry in India, and it is projected to be an $8 billion industry by 2002. According to a recent industry survey by India's National Association of Software Service Companies, the country's IT industry could earn $87 billion and employ 1 million people by 2008. 

When Devang Mehta, the president of India's National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) was asked the reason behind spell bound growth of Indian IT industry he replied in single word -IT EDUCATION.

The Cyber Vision:

The people of Rajkot know late Shree Arvindbhai Maniar as the man of values with a vision. Shree Arvindbhai Maniar has a great reverence with the technology. He was of the opinion that the fruits of social & economical gain through technology should reach to the last person of the society.  After  the  untimely death of Shree Arvindbhai Maniar, Shree Arvindbhai  Maniar  Jankalyan  Trust is working to  make  true the  vision of   Shree Arvindbhai.The trust is engaged in many social activities. Shree Arvindbhai Maniar Institute of Information Technology is the model institute devoted to bringing in IT revolution in Saurashtra - kutch region.

The Vision in Action:

With the active support and financial aid of Rajkot Municipal Corporation, Shree Arvindbhai Maniar Institute Of Information Technology established on 12-09-1999 at the inspiring location of planetarium building in racecourse. The objective of the institute is to "Impart  training of  international standard in computer education at an affordable cost."