Rain is main source of water largely in India and Saurastra in particular  during last 3 years. Saurastra region
faces scarcity of water due to  inadequate water fall during monsoon. like other city in the Saurashtra, Rajkot
also experienced acute shortage of water. Hence discovery of ways and means to solve the problem become in
 available. One of the modes to preserve the water is check dams  and desalting of lakes and dams.
With a view to overcome the serious scarcity of water resources. Arvindbhai Maniar Jankalyan trust took lead in
 increasing water holding capacity of century old lakes of rajkot - Lalpari & Randarda.the lake Lalpari is originally
29 feet deep .While lake Randarda is 50 feet deep.
The accumulation of soil was estimated to be 22 feet  and 36 feet respectively. This resulted in to loss of water
 Preservation capacity and much of the water was drained away by overflow during good rainy season .In order
to increase reserve capacity of the lakes ,it was necessary to remove the accumulation soil from the lakes.
On 24th April 2000 , under the auspicious of  the Jankalyan trust a meeting held  at Hemu Gadhavi
audititorium.Which  was attended by leading Doctors, Advocates, Businessmen, Industrialists etc...
Sarvashri Arvindbhai Maniar , shri Vallabhbhai kathiria-m.p., Kalpakbhai Maniar,Vajubhai Vala ,sp. adm. Jagdishan
 proposed the project and invited the views and suggestions to prepared blue print of "Lalpari-Randarda jal
 sanchay abhiyan". The original idea was inspired by Shri Mavjibhai Dodia Ex.Dy.Mayor and friend of Late shri
 Arvindbhai Maniar.This meeting received promises of 40 lacs as donation.On Publication through media, the
 project was tremendously responded to by the people of all walks of life .Dr.kathiria speared Rs 20 lacs from his
own m.p.grant.RNS bank ltd donated 9 lacs . other co-op. Banks in rajkot had also contributed according to
their capacity. 
The work or desalting at Lalpari-Randarda lakes started with ved mantra. a large number of dumpers &tractors
were engaged along with about 300 voluntars.   The over whelming enthusiasm created history. Every citizen of
Rajkot felt concerned about the work. Comman men, V.I.P.s , Religious Leaders, Social Workers contributed in
 their own capability.
Govt of Gujarat and R.M.C. provided excavators which helped in digging. Rich soil stored  in the lakes during last
100 years. It was spread in Praduman park situated near Randarda-Lalpari lakes. It was advised to the farmers
of surrounding aria of the above two lakes to take an opportunity to have this rich soil for their agricultural land
available due to desalting of land ,at free of cost.
Under  the supervision ,guidance and inspiration of the  Shri Mavajibhai Dodia regard the work of desalting was
carried out. 300 tractors  and dumpers were in work round the clock  for about 50 days 40,000 trips were made
by tractors for lifting of rich soil from the lands. 2.15 crores and 0.85 crores cubic fts. desalting carried out
from Randrada and Lalpari Lake respectively. Digging of soil in both the lakes was of 15ft. deep. JCPs' provided
by various goverment agencies .Hence expenditure was of hiring of tractors. Total expenditure incurred about
 is 18 lacs. Number of voluntares worked day and night to make the project a grand success.