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Indian astrology is as ancient as Vedas. In fact, astrology is considered to be a  part of Vedas. Eighteen prominent acharyas developed the astrology in three  parts.
  1. Siddhant 
  2. Sanhita
  3. Hora

describing it through 400,000 (Four lac) slokas / mantras. The important parts of astrology, which we want to discuss, are Sanhita and Hora.

Sanhita guides us when to celebrate our sixteen Sanskars as per the Indian philosophy.

Hora tells us the past, present and future of human being through casting and forecasting of horoscope.

Astrology has its own limitations. It is purely a mathematical science that calculates the position of the stars. A good astrologer can predict future events of one’s life with accuracy of 75% to 80%. Astrology is based on probabilities; hence, the astrologer can predict the future but can not change it. One should trust on astrology but not blindly.


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