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Austin Auto Engineer is the first and most experienced Liners Assembly Manufacturing unit in India. The Products manufactured by the Company are marketed under the Brand  name "AUSTIN"

These cover wide range such as cylinder liner,inserts & air cooled Block components for tractors, cars, trucks, pick-up vans, marine engines, pump-sets, generators, compressors, scooters, motor-cycles,mopeds,sprayer equipments and  material handling equipments.

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Almost all the leading engine manufacturers of reconditioners in the country depend on "AUSTIN" cylinder liners assembly components to ensure  trouble-free performance.

"AUSTIN"   is today synonymous with excellence in quality. "AUSTIN" is that structure of  cast-iron whose matrix is composed of alternate lamellae of ferrite and cementite having a high tensile strength and high wear resisting quality.


Our chemical composition conforms to the I.S.S., B.S.S, D.I.N.,ASTM specifications. We maintain the specification as given by our customer. In the absence of specifications we generally maintain ASTM-535 standard.


(Material Composition)
Total Carbon

2.8 to 3.3%

Silicon 1.8 to 2.5%
Manganese 0.5 to 0.8%
Chromium 0.30 % Max.
Phosphorous 0.30 % Max.
Sulfur 0.12% Max.
Copper 0.25 % Max.
Mo. 0.20 % Max.
Ni. 0.25% Max.


"AUSTIN" Liner are manufactured to suit tropical conditions of our country keeping in mind the specifications stipulated by customers and accepted international standards.

"AUSTIN" Liner are subjected to batch-wise chemical analysis as to their  contents and physical properties such as brinnel hardness, tensile strength and micro structure.

Mfg. By:
4, Sorathiawadi, RAJKOT - 360 002. GUJARAT (INDIA)
Phone: +91-281-231685, 228683 
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