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He sings through his heart & soul and well, it's bound to get to your heart. Bimal Shah - The Man, The Singer, The Composer.

He possess rare talent which makes him stand apart from the herd. He is also a prominent businessman.

His journey towards the inner fulfillment through the singing is spanned across 20 glorious years, in which, he has explored newer heights of Melody & Music, Rhythm & Tune.

Trained under Music Maestros like Shri Babubhai Andharia & Shri Kantibhai Sonchhatra, this versatile singer has developed his skills and talent with sheer dedication and devotion.

Influenced by the childhood encounter with music at home where the Jain Stavan and other sacred chanting were the way of life, he gradually found himself in love with Music.

By being constantly in touch, he worked toward developing his own voice. One thing led to another and he started singing Geet, Ghazals, Bhajans and of course, Filmi Songs!

Today, according to him, music is simply more than just singing or playing a musical instrument. For him singing brings one closer to God the Almighty. Because when you sing. Your are actually letting Him sing through you. You just become the medium.

With daily regimentation of 'Riyaz' and constant touch with singing practice, he deeps his voice as fresh as a dewdrop.

He gives almost everyday a public performance which he loves the most.

Because he says : "To be a Stage artist it requires a lot more stamina, concentration & equilibrium than it does to be a 'Studio Artist'. Plus you need to be a 'Good Performer' and  an 'Entertainer'. Because when you are facing a crowd who have tendency to act unpredictably, you are just doing a 'Tight - Rope - Walking'. It's very safe and supportive when you are recording at studio. But actually facing a mass is a real 'Classy' act. You have to sense their mood, their taste and their need of the time. You just have to feel them. Only then you can give a satisfactory  result.

As a matter of fact, there are thousands of 'Satisfied' fans of this charming,young & energetic singer who has performed over 10,000 stage shows over the last 20 years with the famous musical group of Gujarat, Musical Flowers by Shri Raju Parmar.

Awarded by silver screen stalwart Lt. Raj Kapoor for his magical voice, Bimal Shah has also won innumerable competitions and achieved accolades for his voice reminds me, amazingly, of late Shri Mukeshjee, a legend himself. He is a approved artist by "Akashwani".

His artistry in delivering the voice that ranges from 'deeper valley'- like charm to the 'mountain - peak' - like euphoria clearly puts his listener into a state of utter bliss. His stage performance is a fascinating spectrum of all the moods beautifully wrapped in emotion, Bimal Shah, the 'creation in motion' is all set to seduce you with his voice and take you to the majestic landscape of music!

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