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Reflecting this great poet's words, the prodigal singer named Bindiya Pandya, daughter of Kishorbhai Pandya is a living example of dedication, drive and devotion towards music. Nature has compensated with such a sweet magical voice that it will not let you know, even for a moment, that she is handicapped by blindness.

Yes this lady with melody & harmony in her voice is none another than Miss Bindiya Pandya who started singing at that age when friends of  her age were busy playing with dolls. From that very day Bindiya never looked back In her journey of singing. She won as many hearts as she won the prizes! She gave her perfomance on Radio and Television at the age of seven and this foundation has halped come out it a strong fortress of "Sur" & "Tal", "Lay"&"Chhand". Today she is one of the most sought after female singer on stage in this part of the world.

Bindiya's voice has the quality that can be explained in one word-versatile! She can sing everything; Bhajan, Geet, Ghazals, LokGeet, Classical, Film songs, etc. But behind her cool magical voice there is an endless story of commitment and persistance, tremendous amount of pratice & real dedication towards sining. According to her: "Singing is just a second nature to me. I'm not complete without it. For me, it's a blessing that I can worship God through my sight voice. This way I can filll the void of my sight.

Awarded with innumerable trophies and shields, Bindiya Pandya, has come to a point of time where she is accepted as a role model herself by many others. Her story of perseverence to achieve the great height has inspired so many. Listenig to her is an experience in itself. One can not remain there without clapping hands and paying a standing ovation when she finishes her song!.

She has impressed thousands of people through her mesmerising voice and few of them are known personalities themsalves. To quote a few : Pankaj Udhas, Anup Jalota, Mahesh Naresh, Sonali Bajp, Sadhana Sargam, Ashit Desai, Hemanigini Desai, Pramila Detar, Sulakshana Pandit, Bankim Pathak and many more.

In one spcial blessing Sant Shree Morari Bapu has blessed this God-Gifted singer with his monosylable message: "Sundaram!"

You too will say just this when you'd listen to this melodious lady- Bindiya Pandya's "One Women Show, Yaadon Ki Manzil". And whom she think as her most favourite legend? Well,"Swar Samragini " Shri Lata Mangesker is her role model, and she wish to walk on the way of Lataji.


Manoj and Vimal Rachh got the heritage and inspiration of music from their mother and Swaminarayan Gurukul. They have been trained by renowned music mastero Shri Kantibhai Sonchhatra. They also got training for Guitar, Synthesizer, Tabla and other musical instruments. They have given unmatched music composition in various cassettes by famous and popular singers of "Sugam Sangeet", "Raas Garba", "Jain Stavan" and of course Film songs. They also give services as "Music Arranger" in stage shows organised by various organisations.  They have arranged musics for more than 100 cassettes & CDs of various types of musical programmes.

They have been instrumental in number of stage shows abroad – in Gulf and African countries as well as many cities of India with their own group and other groups during last two decades. Apart from the areas listed above, they are also recognizes artists of Akashvani and Doordarshan, and were felicitated by Director of Akashvani. They are in true sense, proud of Rajkot and Saurashtra.

It is their total devotion to Music that has become the bedrock of Manoj-Vimal's existance. Both believe that good music is what comes from within to touch the audience. That is the fountainhead from which springs forth the rich, unbridled talent of these young artists.

Her Perfomance

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