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Type PR Switches for Air Compressor

Type PRV Switches for Air Compressor

Application :

Pressure switches, type PR & PRV are designed for automatically starting & stopping motors of compressors & pressurised water plants.Exceptionally long life.
Type PR :
Type PR are triple pole pressure switches without unloading value.
Type PRV :
Type PRV are pressure switches provided with an unloader value which relieves the pressure over the compressor piston when the electric motor stops. Hence, when the compressor restarts, there is no gauge pressure on the compressor piston and as a result the electric motor life & compressor life increase.
Salient Features :
  • Smooth, trouble free operation.
  • Use of bimetallic contact buttons having a thick layer of silver (Ag Cdo 10%) for longer life of switching cycles.
  • Bakellite contact block made of superior grade of phenol formaldehyde powder for very good electronic & mechanical properties.
  • A wide range of differential pressure setting available between starting and stopping pressures.
  • Differential pressure easy to set.
  • Glossy, scratch resistant, anticorrosive stoving enamel coating for the outer sheet metal casing for longer life & attractive appearance.
  • Very rigorous electrical and mechanical tests for every switch in our well equipped factory.
  • Slick, superior finish.
Medium & Temperature :
They are suitable for Air & Water & can withstand temperature of medium up to 211 F(100 C).

Technical Data

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