B.E. (MECHINICAL)
Introducation :-
We are one of the leading manufacturer of all Geared light & heavy duty lathe machines, Belt driven heavy and extra heavy duty lathe machines, Oil country lathes, special purpose machine and CNC special purpose machines.
History of the Concern :-
We started our unit in 1982 with producation of light duty lathe machines, with an innitial turnover, of Rs. 3.5 million and since last 6 to 7 years we are making lathes upto 32 feet length in single piece bed and upto 40 feet in two piece bed (It is for your information that even Kirloskars are making 2 piece bed for lathes longer than 16 feet.) our  standard  range consists of upto 1000 mm height center, beyond which we design special tailor made lathes. We have grown nearly ten times in last 15 years and our current turnover is 35 million, and we are specialised in hugh lathes and lathes converted special purpose machines.
We have exported our lathes to Latin America, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Kenya, Nigeria and during the year 1998 we exported 50 lathes to Iraq.
Our main local customers are Lohia Group, Larsen & Turbo and many ancillaries of big companies. I am myself an engineer, having specialised in machine design, and we have two more engineers and a draft man along with about 45 people working under them.
We look forward for an opportunity to serve your good self.