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Intel engineers
API - Time Magazine reports an interesting case of high-tech

> graffiti. It seems that a couple of Intel engineers working
> on the design of a recent version of the Pentium microprocessor
> included a message that describes their feelings about Bill Gates,
> president of Microsoft, a good corporate pal of Intel's.
> When a portion of the Pentium chip is examined under a powerful
> scanning electron microscope, the phrase "bill sux" is clearly
> visible, etched into the surface of the chip.
> The "flaw" in the chip was only discovered by accident well after
> the chip was released into the market, too late for Intel to
> prevent the chip from being used in the manufacture of tens of
> thousands of PCs.
> Intel says that both engineers responsible were former employees
> of Motorola, makers of the chips that are the heart of the Apple
> Macintosh.
> Both engineers have since been fired by Intel.