Yes, I want to help keep a good thing going. Here is my total pledge for $ ________. I would like to pay $_________ now and pay $________per year for the next ____years. This is in addition to what I pledged or gave previously. Please use my donation in the follwing manner, to support the noble cause of education for the Jain community worldwide:

$ ____________ MJV Patron ($875/person)

$ ____________ MJV Scholarship Trust Fund (Min. $1,000)

$ ____________ Kanya Chhatralaya ($500-$3,100)

$ ____________ Endowment Fund ($5,000 min.)

$ ____________ India Loan Scholarships/US Loan Scholarships

$ ____________ General Funds

Name _____________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________


Phone # _____________________________________________

Date _____________

Please make your check payable to I.A.A.M.J.V., Inc. and mail it to
Mr.Ramesh Fofaria, Treasurer, IAAMJV, Inc.
1119 Flanders St.
Garner,NC 27529

Phone 919-772-8473