Why Donate To IAAMJV

Smart Gifting Ideas:

We are repeating this section because we believe that our membership is aging, getting wealthier, and is need of these tax efficient ideas. Please keep in mind that the estate taxes in this country are treacherous and going to hit many of our members very hard. The choice between letting IRS take away over 50% of your estate and helping a charity such as IAAMJV should be obvious. We would like to share some creative donation ideas for your consideration :

Be generous by saving on capital gains Tax

If you have a stock or a mutual fund that has appreciated, donate it to IAAMJV instead of donating the same dollar value in cash. You will qualify for an income tax deduction based on its current market value. You won't be taxed on the capital gain, and neither will IAAMJV. The procedure is very simple. Please contact us.

Special Appeal to Wealthy MJV Alumni

Perhaps some of you have become very successful financially because of your entrepreneurial spirit, right investments, hard work and luck (good karmas!). Let us assume that you have made careful plans to transfer your wealth to your spouse and kids and other relatives, if something happens to you. Inspite of all the planning, you might still discover that your potential estate taxes are substantial. If this is the case, here are some ideas for you to explore:

1. Make IAAMJV the beneficiary of the insurance policy on your life. Please call us for a copy of an article written by a famous columnist, Jane Bryant Quinn, on this subject. She calls this idea "a low-rent way of giving a lot of money to a charity."

2. Set up a Charitable Reminder Trust. The idea is to donate appreciated stocks or mutual funds to IAAMJV, take an immediate tax deduction based on an age-related IRS formula, and get income from IAAMJV for life. On your death, the asset will become the property of IAAMJV. Here is a sample example: Set up this trust for $100,000 for example. Make IAAMJV as your beneficiary. Here are your benefits:

The ideas discussed above are very popular with the university endowment funds and big charities in this country. Please discuss them with your attorney and financial adviser. The potential tax savings are huge and well worth your time and effort. These ideas represent smart ways of giving away part of your wealth to a charity rather than IRS.