Nov. 1, 1996

Jai Jinendra. I hope this letter greets you and your family with the best of health and spirits. Here are the highlights of the news items and progress we made since we published the last progress report in April of this year.

Great News from Vidyalaya:

We would like to make you aware of several positive changes that have taken place at MJV recently:

Grand total donation to-date:

We continue to receive funds from our members-some new, some pledged before. Here are the latest figures:

$306,320 (Cash received $263,893 Balance due $42,427) including

Donation from Non-MJV donors: $44,960 (Cash received $40,626, Balance due $4,200)

Donation for Kanya Chhatralaya: $71,650 (Cash received $70,148, Balance due $1,502)

Our goal has always been to donate $80,000 towards the Kanya Chhatralaya project. We are still short of $8,350. Please call us to get the details of this very important project.

Donation to Vidyalaya to-date:

Here are the details of the funds sent to MJV so far:

$31,276 37 Patrons

32,454 27 Scholarship Trust Funds (plus one more set up with donation in rupees) 50,000 Kanya Chhatralaya Project

19,342 Six Trust Scholar Seats

6,000 Copier ($5,000) and Fax ($1,000)

1,500 Funds to upgrade phone system

8,800 16 Water Coolers ( 2 in each branch including Kanya Chhatralaya)

$149,372 Total as of Oct 1, 1996

In addition, we plan to send another $20,000 for the Kanya Chhatralaya project when the Kanya Chhatralya Donor Recognition Scheme is implemented. We had requested the K.C.Founder donors (donation above $3,000) to send us their photos. We have forwarded the photographs of those who have responded in time. We would like to request the rest to send their pictures directly to MJV. MJV is planning to create oil paintings from these pictures and display them in Kanya Chhatralya.


Since we published the last newsletter, Mrs. Alka Rambhia, Pa. has applied to become a patron of Vidyalaya. This brings the total number of patrons through IAAMJV to 37, assuming approval by MJV. If you become a patron of Vidyalaya, you will automatically become a life member, you will have a voting privilege, and an 12"x16" photograph of your relative will be displayed in the Vidyalaya hall. The fee to become a patron is $875 currently.

We would like to appeal to you all to become a patron of MJV and make IAAMJV a powerful force in shaping the destiny of MJV.

Scholarship Trust Funds

Since our last newsletter, one additional trust fund has been set up at MJV, bringing the total to 21 trusts. The donor is
Dr.and Drs. Mahendra Shah, 52 Cricket Club Dr., Roslyn,NY.($1,000)
(Shri Chandulal Maneklal Shah Scholarship Trust Fund)

It requires a donation of only $1,000 to create this trust in the name of your relative. The principal stays intact and only the interest (around 10%) is used to offer scholarships to bright and needy Swetamber Murtipujak Jain boys and girls every year. This is an excellent opportunity to preserve the names of your loved ones for generations to come.

Loan Scholarships in India

As you know, we are offering these scholarships to bright and needy Jain (any sect) boys and girls in India. They may be coming from the places where either there are no MJV facilities or the MJV facilities are available only to the Murtipujak boys. This year we received 60 applications not only from Gujarat and Maharashtra but also from the Rajasthan area and have approved 18 so far. This figure includes past recipients and as well as new applicants. The program is being managed by Arunbhai Bhavsar (MJV alumnus) and Mr.D.M.Shah. We would like to thank them for their hard work and commitment.

Here is a list of 7 students who were awarded scholarships last year and again this year.
Loan this year in Rs.
Bhandari, Rakesh (Rajasthan)
B. Pharm.
Gandhi, Jay R. (Rajkot)
Mehta, Purna Chunilal (Miss) (Morbi)
Modi, Abhijit (Rajkot)
Parwar, Vaishali (Miss)(Baroda)
Shah, Kinnari (Baroda)
Shah, Pannesh

Here is a list of 11 new students who were awarded scholarships this year:
Loan this year in Rs.
Ajmera, Jitendra S. (Rajasthan)
Jain, Ashish V. (Indore)
Jain, Manoj B. (Rajasthan)
Jain, Pradip D. (Rajasthan)
Jain, Prakashchand (Rajasthan)
Jasani, Kalpesh S. (Gondal)
Kothari, Vaishal R.
Mehta, Rupesh A. (Kutchh)
Morabia, Vimal V. (Gandhidham)
Shah, Chaitali A. (Ahmedabad)
Shah, Rima A. (Ahmedabad)
Grand total

In addition to the above students, we intend to process a few more applications for those students who are in the process of submitting additional documentation. It appears we will wind up the year with a total of about 20 loan scholarships amounting to about Rs.85,000 or about $2,400. The low cost of education in India and the favorable exchange rate do stretch our dollars quite a bit.

We intend to support all of the selected candidates throughout the college years-just as MJV does. This will of course be based upon their academic success and demonstrated need each year.

Computers for MJV Branches

We have located a source of good quality, used computers at a very low price and offered to equip all MJV branches where there are no computers available. MJV has indicated to us that they would like to start with the Poona branch first. As we soon as we get the details about their requirements, we intend to purchase these computers and send them to MJV. We would like to thank Dilip Shah and Rohit Doshi of Philadelphia for their support in this project.

More Good News from MJV:

There are a lot of steps MJV has started taking that you may be not aware of. Here is a report from Shri Prakashbhai Jhaveri, MJV Secretary:

We would like to congratulate MJV management for driving the mother institute to a higher level through the above steps.

Loan Scholarships to Graduate Students coming from India

This activity is being managed by a committee in Chicago. The following members are helping us currently:

Rajni T.Shah Kishor Shah Samprati Shah Ashok Doshi Rasik Shah

Based upon their recommendation, we have awarded 5 loan scholarships ($2,000 each) this year to the following very bright and needy Jain students:

Names of 1996 scholarship recipients Expected study
Keyur GandhiM.S. in Chem. Eng. (Akron, OH)
Devang A.ShahM.S.in Telecomm. (Syracuse,NY)
Niraj V.ShahM.S. in Comp.Science (Arizona)
Nemish M.ShahM.S.in Architecture, IIT, Chicago
Ritesh Ramesh Shah M.B.A.(Rochester, NY)

We awarded the scholarships to the following students previously and they are doing very well:
Names of 1995 scholarship recipients Expected study
Hitesh ShahM.B. A. (NY)
Snehal ShahM.S. in Comp. Science (Calif)
Dr. and Drs.Dinesh Jain F.R.C.S.(UK)
Names of 1994 scholarship recipients Expected study
Apurva DaliaM.S. in Computer Eng. (Syracuse, NY)
Keyur GandhiM.S. in Chem. Eng. (Akron, OH)
Bimal MehtaM.E. in Elec.Eng.(Clarkson, NY)
Kalpa ShahB.S (Portland, Oregon)
Kunal ShahM.S. in Mech. Eng.(Houston, Tex.)
Names of 1993 scholarship recipients
Ashish PanditM.S. in Bio-Medical Eng.(US)
Chirantan ParikhM.S. in Ind. Eng.(US)
Dr.A.M.ChopadaF.R.C.S. (UK)

Total number of IAAMJV Scholars: 16 Total Loan amount: $32,000

We would like to thank the committee members for helping us in this important activity.

As more undergraduate students in India come to know about our association, we are getting more inquiries and applications. We have been very supportive of the applicants so far. To many of us, $2,000 may not be a big sum of money; but to a needy student who has to scrape every penny to go abroad, this amount translated into rupees (about Rs.70,000) is a sizable amount of money. Therefore let us do our best to help these bright and young entrepreneurs from India. If you wish to support this program, earmark your donation to our general funds.

We are hoping that the recipients of these scholarships will finish up their graduate programs fast, pay back their loans and allow us to recycle the funds for other students.

We believe that the most valuable asset of IAAMJV are the above bright, young and promising leaders of to-morrow. We think that after they finish up their studies and start working, they will help our association with their time, talent, and money whenever possible. The reason for this optimism stems from the help we have already started receiving from Chirantan Parikh, one of the IAAMJV scholars listed above. He recently prepared an excellent flyer entitled "Tips for Graduate Studies in USA" for the benefit of the MJV students in India. He is the one who has reformatted this newsletter this time. It was indeed very nice of him to take the time and extend a helping hand to our association so early in his career. We would like thank him for setting up an outstanding example for others to follow.

Refund of Loan Scholarships from IAAMJV Scholars

We are pleased to inform you that Bimal Mehta and Apurva Dalia both have returned the loan scholarship of $2,000 each to our association.

We have also started receiving the refunds of the loan scholarships awarded to undergraduate students in India in rupees, from many students including Nirav Choksi, Nilesh Oswal, Ushaben Karbhari, Dixit H. Shah, Chetan V. Parikh, Bijal R.Shah , Hiren Deliwal, Pitesh Parikh and Komal Shah. Total loan refunds: about Rs.18,000.

We are thrilled with the refunds from the above IAAMJV scholars. It appears that most students have an inner desire to pay back their debt as soon as they can, without being asked to do so. This is a very healthy sign and bodes well for our community. We intend to recycle the loan scholarship refunds and help ever increasing number of promising Jain students of to-morrow.

Donation to Other Charitable Institutes:

Recently we helped Dr.J.L.Rambhia donate $1,000 each to three non-MJV institutes: (1) Shri Bhanbai Nenshi Mahila Vidyalaya, Bombay (2) Shri Mahavir Jain Chritraya Kalyan Ratnasharam, Songadh (3) Hiraji Bhojraj & Sons c.v.o. Jain Chhatralaya. The first one is a High School Girls' Hostel and the second one is Boys' Hostel for Middle and High School located in Songadh, and third one is also Boys' Hostel for Middle and High School located in Bombay.

In the past, we have complied with specific requests from other members and sent funds to United Students' Home and Kadi Kanya Chhatralaya. We are very pleased to be instrumental in sending the funds to educational charities specifically requested by our members. We believe that it is in line with our prime objective of supporting the cause of education in the Jain community.

If you wish to make a donation to a similar charity, please contact us. Please remember the charity must be registered with the Indian Government and you must supply us with the I.T. Exemption Certificate number and a short description. Because of the ultra low expenses with which we are running our association and since the interest earned exceeds the expenses, we have been able to transmit your donation in full -be it for MJV or for any other institute. We do not anticipate any change in this policy in the foreseeable future.

Smart Gifting Ideas:

We are repeating this section because we believe that our membership is aging, getting wealthier, and is need of these tax efficient ideas. Please keep in mind that the estate taxes in this country are treacherous and going to hit many of our members very hard. The choice between letting IRS take away over 50% of your estate and helping a charity such as IAAMJV should be obvious. We would like to share some creative donation ideas for your consideration :

Be generous by saving on capital gains Tax

If you have a stock or a mutual fund that has appreciated, donate it to IAAMJV instead of donating the same dollar value in cash. You will qualify for an income tax deduction based on its current market value. You won't be taxed on the capital gain, and neither will IAAMJV. The procedure is very simple. Please contact us.

Special Appeal to Wealthy MJV Alumni

Perhaps some of you have become very successful financially because of your entrepreneurial spirit, right investments, hard work and luck (good karmas!). Let us assume that you have made careful plans to transfer your wealth to your spouse and kids and other relatives, if something happens to you. Inspite of all the planning, you might still discover that your potential estate taxes are substantial. If this is the case, here are some ideas for you to explore:

1. Make IAAMJV the beneficiary of the insurance policy on your life. Please call us for a copy of an article written by a famous columnist, Jane Bryant Quinn, on this subject. She calls this idea "a low-rent way of giving a lot of money to a charity."

2. Set up a Charitable Reminder Trust. The idea is to donate appreciated stocks or mutual funds to IAAMJV, take an immediate tax deduction based on an age-related IRS formula, and get income from IAAMJV for life. On your death, the asset will become the property of IAAMJV. Here is a sample example: Set up this trust for $100,000 for example. Make IAAMJV as your beneficiary. Here are your benefits:

The ideas discussed above are very popular with the university endowment funds and big charities in this country. Please discuss them with your attorney and financial adviser. The potential tax savings are huge and well worth your time and effort. These ideas represent smart ways of giving away part of your wealth to a charity rather than IRS.

Directory of all MJV alumni

Bipin R. Shah, Vice President, MJV Alumni Federation, Baroda is in the process of preparing a master directory of close to 8000 Vidyalaya alumni. We have given our directory to him so that he can include the IAAMJV members in the main directory. He would like to have color photograph of each of you. Please send us your picture to Rasik Shah, our General Secretary, Chicago before 12/15/96. He will send all the photographs to Bipinbhai. Any one who would like to have a copy of this master directory should send us a check for $10 (payable to IAAMJV, Inc.) too.

We would like to commend the Alumni Federation for having undertaken such an important project. The master directory should improve the communication among Vidyalaya alumni and bring them closer.

IAAMJV on Internet

Thanks to Chirantan Parikh through whose effort we will soon be on internet web page. We plan to put our directory and newsletter on internet. In addition, we will also give you the latest news through this media. The internet address iswww.rajkot.com/mjv and will be effective 12/01/96

H-1B Visa help

Chirantan Parikh has offered to help the IAAMJV scholars and other Jain students in preparing the application for H1-B visa. He has just gone this process himself and therefore can help the new students in a big way. Please remember an attorney will charge anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 for this service but Chirantan's services are totally free. Please make sure to contact him if you need help.

Sum Up:

As the year 1996 is coming to an end pretty soon, we would like to request the members who have pledged their donations in the past but have not had a chance to pay off as yet. Sending out reminders and making phone calls take time and energy. We would rather spend this time in doing something more constructive. To be honest, we find it a bit embarrassing to remind someone who is well to do and yet does not wish to pay off the pledge, even though it may represent only a tiny fraction of his wealth. This attitude does not seem morally right from our perspective.

We would also like to appeal to every one to make it a habit to donate every year. Most university endowment funds run this way in this country. With the size of membership we have, this tradition could produce tremendous benefits to our community.

Please remember that a lot of positive changes are happening at MJV. Let us all support these changes and become involved actively in moving the institute even faster. If we all pull together with all the resources we have in our possession, we feel confident that MJV can become one of the best institutes in the Jain community.

Have nice holidays.

With Warmest Personal Regards,

Anop R.Vora


" The road to success is always under construction."

" Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what happened."

" In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins..not through strength but through persistence"

............Source unknown


Yes, I want to help keep a good thing going. Here is my total pledge for $ ________. I would like to pay $_________ now and pay $________per year for the next ____years. This is in addition to what I pledged or gave previously. Please use my donation in the follwing manner, to support the noble cause of education for the Jain community worldwide:

$ ____________ MJV Patron ($875/person)

$ ____________ MJV Scholarship Trust Fund (Min. $1,000)

$ ____________ Kanya Chhatralaya ($500-$3,100)

$ ____________ Endowment Fund ($5,000 min.)

$ ____________ India Loan Scholarships/US Loan Scholarships

$ ____________ General Funds

Name _____________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________


Phone # _____________________________________________

Date _____________

Please make your check payable to I.A.A.M.J.V., Inc. and mail it to
Mr.Ramesh Fofaria, Treasurer, IAAMJV, Inc.
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