November 1998

Jai Jinendra. I hope this letter greets you and your family with the best of health and spirits. Here are the highlights of the news items and progress we have made since we published the last progress report in May of this year.


Loan Scholarships to Graduate Students of India going abroad

As we informed you in the last newsletter, this program is indeed picking up the momentum full steam. Hardly a week goes by without getting a phone call from a student from India seeking our help. Far greater number of students are coming now than we have seen in decades.

The list below shows the new applications we have just approved. We still have ___more applications pending. (Please see the list of all graduate students we have supported so far at the end of this newsletter).




(Please check with Rasikbhai Shah)



To assist the new students coming to the USA at an increased pace, we are going to need additional funds. We would like to request the current, full time employed IAAMJV scholars to start returning the loans now instead of waiting for 5 years after study. Please come forward and start helping your brothers and sisters who are in a situation similar to the one you were in when came to the States.

We would also like to urge those members who have pledged funds in the past but still have not paid off for whatever reason. The outstading pledges amount to about $36,000. If IAAMJV receives this amount, it can use a good portion of it for giving out the scholarships. May we please appeal to their finer insticts and request them to help us? The names of these members are in the donation list at the end of this newletter.

To support this program plus the other scholarship program for the undergraduate students in India, we are starting up a massive compaign shortly. Please find a Special Flyer at the end of this newsletter that is going to be mailed shortly to about 7000 Jain families residing in North America. We urge all you to contribute some money towards this cause. Please ask your friends and relatives to contribute too. The size of donation is not as important as the physical act of donation. We believe that with the size of Jain community we have in this part of the world, we should be able to raise a good chunck of money. We have kept the minimum donation to a very low level, making it easy for every one of our members to participate and encourage others to join.

IAAMJV Directory (Please check with Chandra Vora)

Our directory is about 3 years old. Since we published it, our membership base has grown quite a bit. Part of the information in the current directory has become obsolete. Therefore, we are planning to publish another directory of our members soon. Please take a few moments now and take a close look at your own information on the attached computer printout. What you see is what will be included in the next directory. If you see any discrepancy or if any data is missing, please scribble that page and mail it back to Mr. Chandra Vora, 35 Wesson Terrace,North Boro, Mass.01532,or call him at (508) 393-2490 or email your information to <Chandra.vora@Intel.com> before Dec.15, 1998

We have decided to insert advertisements in the directory to recover the cost of printing and mailing. The ad rates are: Full page..$100, Half Page ..$60, 1/4 page..$30, Front/Back..add 30% extra. Please send your ad to Kanti Mepani ???????? or call him at

MJV Branch at Udaipur

We are pleased to report that the Udaipur project is taking a concrete shape. Mr. Babubhai Bafna has put down a deposit for a nice piece of land in Udaipur on behalf of MJV and sorting out details needed to consummate the deal. Dr. Mohan Jain, Chairman, Udairpur MJV Project, is currently in India and giving a major push to the project. He has already started communicating with many of his friends, relatives and Hindi speaking MJV alumni residing in North America. The initial reaction appears excellent. This project shows a lot of promise. We are very thrilled at this great opportunity.

We will keep you fully informed as the developments unfold.

Brand New MJV Main Office Building:

This project is moving slowly because of the upcoming election. We did receive the project drawings from Bhupendra Patrawala, brother of Dr. Shrish Patrawala.

We have indicated our willingness to MJV management to help. Once we receive all the details about this project, we will prepare a flyer and send a copy to you all.

Donation Statistics: (Please check with Ramesh Fofaria)

Here are the donation statistics:

Grand total donation to-date: $325,682 (Cash received $289,358 Balance due $36,324) including

Donation from Non-MJV donors: $48,677 (Cash received $44,477, Balance due $4,200)

Donation for Kanya Chhatralaya: $73,569 [Cash received $72,168 (98%), Balance due $1,401 (2%)]. 98% collected


Donation to Vidyalaya to-date:

Here are the details of the funds sent to MJV so far:


$33,901 40 Patrons

32,454 27 Scholarship Trust Funds (plus one more set up with donation in rupees) 50,000 Kanya Chhatralaya Project

19,342 Six Trust Scholar Seats

6,000 Copier ($5,000) and Fax ($1,000)

1,500 Funds to upgrade phone system

8,800 16 Water Coolers ( 2 in each branch including Kanya Chhatralaya)

$156,097 Total as of April 1, 1998


Loan Scholarships in India

As you know, we are offering these scholarships to bright and needy Jain (any sect) boys and girls in India for pursuing undergraduate studies. They may be coming from the places where either there are no MJV facilities or the MJV facilities are available only to the Murtipujak boys. Every year, we usually support about 15-20 students and award scholarships worth about Rs. 85,000.

We would like to thank Mr.Sureshbhai Kothari for donating Rs. 50,000 recently towards this project. We would like other alumni who have money available in rupees to do likewise. If some of our members can pick up this tab every year, then we wonít have to send dollars to India. We can use this money for other programs in this country.





This year we received 60 applications not only from Gujarat and Maharashtra but also from the Rajasthan area and have approved 18 so far. This figure includes past recipients and as well as new applicants. The program is being managed by Arunbhai Bhavsar (MJV alumnus) and Mr.D.M.Shah. We would like to thank them for their hard work and commitment.


IAAMJV Summer Picnic (Kantibhai: please double check this inforamtion.)


We organized a Summer picnic for our members and their families on Aug.16, 1998 at Siddhachalam. About 100 people-mostly from northeast- attended the picnic and enjoyed the opportunity. We started with a nice breakfast at about 9:00 a.m., following by a Puja at around 11:00 a.m. Naren Shah led the Puja and music was provided by Dinal and Nejal, talented daughters of one of our alumni-Vinod Vora. After lunch, Anop Vora addressed the group and discussed the progress of the association to-date and future course of action.


One of the suggestions that came from Dr. Shirish Patrawala was about the possibility of IAAMJV offering some help in getting marriageable age kids together. Most people felt that this was one of the most difficult problems faced by our community and we should do our part to help the situation. We are enclosing herewith a survey form to get your reactions. Please take a few minutes of your time and tell us how IAAMJV can help the parents and what role you would like to play if we start something.


We would like to recognize the following people who funded the picnic:



1 Dr. and Mrs. Bipin & Anjana Dalal $ 200.00

2 Drs. Shirish & Kanan Patrawala $ 201.00

3 Dr. and Mrs. Babulal & Nongnooch Pragani $ 200.00

4 Dr. and Mrs. Dilip and Smita Shah $ 201.00

5 Drs. Bhupendra and Chandrika Tolia $ 200.00

6 Mr. & Mrs. Anop and Renuka Vora $ 200.00

Total Donation $ 1,202.00


Total expenses for the event were $810, leaving us with a surplus of $392. We have put this money in our general account.


We would like thank the following individuals who made the picnic possible:


Mr. and Mrs. Rajesh and Bina Mehta

Mr. amd Mrs. Kantibhai (Chairman) and Nayanaben Mepani

Drs. Shirish and Kananben Patrawala

Dr. and Mrs. Dilip and Smita Shah

Mr. amd Mrs. Naresh & Minaxi Shah Mr. & Mrs. Pravin and Kantaben Shah

Mr. & Mrs. Ramesh V. Shah

Drs. Bhupendra and Chandrika Tolia


This picnic was an excellent social and religious fun event. We had consciously decided not to do any fund raising in this meeting. Every one enjoyed this set up and left with good feelings. In all probability, we will organize this type of event every year. We suggest that MJV alumni residing in other parts of the country start this practice too. These get togethers promote friendship, brotherhood and allow our kids to mingle with each other. The long term benefits are just enormous.


Tapovan: (Ramesh: I will send Praganiís check soon)


We would like to thank Dr. Babubhai Prganai for donating $2,000 to Tapovan and to Kantibhai Mepani for making this opportunity known to Babubhai. We will forward this money to Tapovan along with a token donation of $250 from Anop Vora. Tapovan is an excelelnt boarding school for Jain kids (Grades 5 through 12) located near Koba, Ahmedabad and is directed by Pujya Chandrashekhar Maharajji. They have several schemes through which you can help. If you are interested, please get in touch with us. You may also wish to contact Dr. Dinesh Shah, Los Angles at 213-258-4010. He also has a lot of information about this institute.



Tid Bits

We would to like report that Mr. Bipin Shah has recently been elected as the President, Shri Virendra Patni as the Treasurer of the MJV Alumni Federation, India. We would like to congratuate both of them and wish them success in their new positions.

Amit Lodha, 1997 IAAMJV Scholarship Recipient, received excellent grades- Spring GPA 4.0/4.0, Cumulative GPA of 3.92/4.0. He is pursuing a Master Degree Program in Business Management and Manufacturing in Toledo, Ohio. We are very proud of his achievements. (Note to other IAAMJV scholars: If you excelled in school, tell us about it. We will be glad report your accomplishements in this newsletter.

Dr. Mukesh Desai, 1972 Ahmedabad MJV Alumnus, is residing in Australia currently. If any Jain student from India wishes to go to Australia, he is willing to provide factual information about schooling, part time job opportunities, and immigration. His fax number is 2-4921-6991. We would like to thank Mukeshbhai for making this gesture.

Pravin Mehta (Tenessee), one of our members, was instrumental in helping Deepesh Bhandari, an IAAMJV Scholar, get a job in Memphis. We would like to thank Pravinbhai for extending this help and urge every one to look out for the new students who might be in a similar situation.

Thanks to Dilip Sheth (Missouri) IAAMJV Member, who made a presentation about our association to his local Jain community. We would like more members follow suit and spread the news about about our activities.

Strange Coincidence: Dr. Sujay A. Vora , Son of Anop and Renuka Vora and Dr. Rupal D. Shah ( Los Angles), daughter of Dr. Dinesh and Mukti Shah were engaged on April 25, 1998. The common thread between the two families is Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, extending back to several decades!!. Sujayís 4 uncles, Renukaís uncle, Rupalís father, uncle, paternal and maternal grandfathers and Rupalís uncleís father in law are all MJV alumni !!! (Note: If any of our members wishes to report asimilar news, please free to do so.)


Sum Up


Your association is making steady progress in helping the community in the field of education. This is the first time that we are asking our members to contribute a minimum of $101 (Only 28 cents a day) for offering scholarships to bright and needy students. If we all pitch in, we could very easily raise over $35,000. For most of us, $101 is a very small sum but when we put these small amounts together, we could have a sizeable amount that has the potential to change the lives of many for better. Please study the enclosed flyer now and respond positively.

Thank a million for your continued support.

With Warmest Personal Regards,

Anop R.Vora



Quote: Samprati, please insert a good quote over here.

Encl: IAAMJV Flyer

Donation List

Perosnalized Computer listing (Please check with Chandra Vora) and IAAMJV Survey

Listing of $2000 Loan Scholarships to Graduate Students



List of $2,000 Loan Scholarships to Graduate Students:

(This list needs updating. Please see Rasikbhai)



Names scholarship recipients

Expected study



Rupal C. Mehta

M.S. Comp. Science (NY)



SnehaR. Shah

M.S. Comp. Science (NJ)



Viral N. Shah

M.S. Comp. Science (CT)



Mukesh Jain

M.S. Architecture (OK)



Nehal Delivala

M.Sc. (New Zealand)



Keyur N. Shah

M.S.in Env. Sci. (Florida)



Bhavik N. Kapadia

B. Tech (Australia)



Pratik Shah

PHD Pharmacology (R.I.)



Vimal Shah

PHD in Vision Science (Alabama)



Amit Lodha

M.S. Mech Eng. (Ohio)



Dhaval B. Shah

M.S. Comp. Science



Bhavesh Gandhi

M.S. in Chem. Eng. (Akron, OH)



Devang A.Shah

M.S.in Telecomm. (Syracuse,NY)



Niraj V.Shah

M.S. in Comp.Science (Arizona)



Nemish M.Shah

M.S.in Architecture, IIT, Chicago



Ritesh Ramesh Shah

M.B.A.(Rochester, NY)



Hitesh Shah

M.B. A. (NY)



Snehal Shah

M.S. in Comp. Science (Calif)



Apurva Dalia

M.S. in Computer Eng. (Syracuse, NY)



Keyur Gandhi

M.S. in Chem. Eng. (Akron, OH)



Bimal Mehta

M.E. in Elec.Eng.(Clarkson, NY)



Kalpa Shah

B.S (Portland, Oregon)



Kunal Shah

M.S. in Mech. Eng.(Houston, Tex.)



Ashish Pandit

M.S. in Bio-Medical Eng.(US)



Chirantan Parikh

M.S. in Ind. Eng.(US)




F.R.C.S. (UK)



Total number of IAAMJV Scholars as of 11/01/98: ? Total Loan amount: $?



Survey (Dead line 1/1/99)

To be filled out by youth age 21 and above


  1. Do you feel IAAMJV should provide a forum for the youth of its members to meet or should we let JAINA do this task?


Yes or No






  1. Should the youth meetings coincide with the IAAMJV meetings or JAINA meetings?


Yes or No

Coincident with IAAMJV meetings


Separate from IAAMJV meetings


Coincident with JAINA meetings


Separate from JAINA meetings



  1. Are you willing to volunteer for this effort? If yes, please list the activitis you are interested in.

Activities of Interest


4. Any suggestions/ideas or comments?







Your Name & Phone Number: ______________________________________________


Please return this form to Chandra Vora, 35 Wesson Terrace,North Boro, Mass.01532