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July 18, 2000

Dear Non Resident Gujarati,

I along with shri Mukeshbhai Shah who is also a director of  Gujarat  State Non Resident Gujaratis' Foundation.(NRGF) plan to come to your city/country. Our probable itinerary will be as under :


July 22 Leave for Muscat from Ahmedabad by British Airways  
July 22 to July 30 U.K. would like to visit London, Leicester, Manchester etc.  
July 30 to August 21 U.S.A. would like to visit New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia,
Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles
Toronto(Canada), Atlanta, Orlando, Tempa, Washington,
Louis ville, Columbus(Ohio), Pittsburgh etc.  
August 21 to August 31 Dallas, New York
September 1st Week London  
September 2nd Week Back to India

I suggest you to please go through the following pages so as to get an idea of the MISSION for our trip.

We are tying up  with organisations world  wide especially working for Indians of Gujarat  origin.

We would like to meet with office bearers of organisations in your area working for Gujarati community during our visit to your city. We will be personally explaining the ideas of Government of Gujarat for the benefit of Non Resident Gujaratis of your area.

Kindly let me know your comments on :

1.      How many organisations consisting Gujaratis are active in your area ?

2.      What is membership strength of each of the organisation ?

3.      How many people do you expect who will attend our meeting for NRGF if arranged in your city ?

4.      when should we visit your city ?

Kindly contact me on my e mail address, I shall get the message or contact any of the peson on any of the phone or fax numbers mentioned above.

Please find attached herewith a sample of  Letter of  invitation for a meeting to be organised in your area.

Hope to see you soon.

Sincerely yours,