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mausam.jpg (65520 bytes) Sudhir Thakar, the "Yin" Part of singing duo, is a singer of its own class. His voice has a quality that brings one closer to God. Just take a dip in his oceanic voice and you'll discover the Pearls of Geet, Ghazals, Sugam Sangeet, Shastriya Sangeet and of course, folk sangeet. He has got his own style of singing that combines simplicity of presentation and intricacy of Rag-Ragini both in perfect balance.
She is his better-half in all the musical senses ! Rekha Thakar is a true example of dedication towards her love-music! Rich, melodious voice that touches gently to a listener's heart in a subtle way. And why not? Because she passionately loves singing (of course her husband comes first!) Although she can sing all the styles very well, her   inclination is towards 'Geet' which she loves the most. sudhir.jpg (23513 bytes)
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male.gif (7423 bytes) He is a B.E.(Mech.) and a Gold Medallist with 'Shastriya Sangeet Visharad' degree in vocal.An accredited B-high artist for the radio &T.V.,he started singing at the age of seven. He won thousand of clapping when he successfully performed 'Lok Sangeet' at Matushri Birla Hall, Bombay and that too at the age of 11.His range of singing covers Geet,Ghazals,Sugam Sangeet, Shastriya Sangeet, Bhajans and of course Lok Sangeet. Currently busy with factory & construction business, he had shortly been a professor in Engineering College. But despite of very hectic schedule he never misses his strict regimen of 'Riyaz'   which he believes as much important as breathing! He nurtured his skills under guidance of his Hon. Guruji Shri Arunkant Sevak.
She born in Karnataka and a professor of English in an Art College today. She is a 'Sangeet Visharad' herself and an accredited B-high artist for the radio & T.V. With good command over Gujarati, Hindi, English, Konkani & Kannad' she loves Gujarati singing and her first preference is 'Geet'. Developed her singing skills under guidance of her Guruji Shri Girish Antani. female.gif (7947 bytes)
Contact At...
"Sur", Shishumangal Road, Gandhigram,Junagadh (Gujarat) India.
Tel.91-285- 652 202 / 626 202   E-mail : sudhirthakar@kalakar.com
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