The old walled city of Bhuj is the most important town in the area. The oldest museum in Gujarat is located in Bhuj.


Museums, Ayanamahal, Cenotaphs, Lakes, Old Palace, Flamingo Sanctuary.

Anjal wild Ass Sanctuary :
Kutch is well known for its Wild Ass sanctuary. This Wild Ass is known as Khar Gaddha. It is a sturdy creature which can gallop at the speed of 50 kms. per hour.
Kera :
Kera finds a place on the tourist map mainly due to the 10th century Shiv temple. In its original form it must have been extremely beautiful as suggested by what little remains at present. It was damaged in the earthquake of 1819.
Mandavi  :
Mandavi founded in 1581 AD has a fortification with 25 bastions. The place is a well-known center for the production of the country crafts. The Rukmavati bridge built in 1883 is the longest existing one of its kind. Mandvi is also well-known for its beautiful sea beach and the Vijayvills Palace built in 1935.
Narayan Sarovar :
Narayan Sarovar is 210 kms. from Bhuj. Narayan Sarovar is one of the five holy lakes of the Hindu faith.
Koteshwar :
Koteshwar is at a short distance from Narayan Sarovar & 215 kms. from Bhuj. It is an ancient place of pilgrimage. The existing temple is situated on a high plinth over looking the sea. It is an excellent breathtaking sunset point.
How to get there :
Air : Various domestic airlines are available connecting Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
Rail : Direct trains between Bhuj-Ahmedabad on meter guage line and for Mumbai on the broad guage line from Gandhidham.
Road : State transport buses and private luxury coaches connects various centers of Gujarat. Bhuj is connected by State highway upto Bhachau (85 kms.) and from Bhachau to Ahmedabad by national highway No. 8A ( 310 kms.)

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