Pirotan Island

In present, the existence of PIROTAN and other Islands is in dangerous situation due to very Hazardous Mega Industries,  very close near to Marine National Park Islands.The PIROTAN Islands Are only one and very scenic, healthy Island of Asia, after "Great Barrier Reef- Australia". Our people shall have awareness to protect the " WONDER GIFT OF GOD’., from these all hazardous mega industries.

Every citizen of our nation has realize the importance of Environment. Human can’t survive & live alone without Co-Existence with other natural features and resources. Environment is such a Great need of the Youth, who will live in next century. We have need of our Young & Youth citizens, Our Newsline Services, Our Hi-tech Media‘s support to give knowledge of our valuable God’s Gift & prevention steps, and adopt very strong and save the "PIROTAN islands - MARINE NATIONAL PARK".

There are a very terrific situation of Survival of all types of Marine animals & Creatures. We are lucky to have at least 42 marine islands at Jamnagar Dist.,Saurashtra region. Due to very high industrialization Typhoon at Sea Coastal area of Saurashtra, there is creating a very high pollution in the sea. And, due to Natural laws of water Tide, all the garbage, wastes of industries, high polluted water with very harmful chemicals,etc. all are collects at the land of beautiful marine islands, and destroying all the Marine lives, animals and creatures, which are living in the colorful corals and very dense Mangroves forests on the island.

We are sending some photographs and actual details of a very exotic and rarely available marine animals & creatures at the Biggest one in our region and only one of its kind-MARINE NATIONAL PARK of India "PIROTAN island’- approx. 19 Naut miles .

To see what lies beyond the Glorious mountains, In deep warm sea, and very dense rich forest with wonderful wild life, to peep in to the unseen, is a strong and compelling urge in all the people, particularly the Young ; and if this yearling to explore the far horizon burns very bright colorful with you, you’re young enough, no matter what is your age. The spirit of Adventure, Travel is a powerful human heritage.

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