Once the capital of the princely Gaekwads, Vadodara is graceful city of palaces, parks, temples and museums.

Places Of Interest

Nazarbaugh Palace :
Built in the old classical style, the palace was used on ceremonial occasions by the Gaekwads. It now houses the royal family heirlooms.
Kirti Mandir :
The family vault of the Gaekwad rules. It is decorated with murals by the famous Indian artist, Nandlal Bose.
Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum :
This is the royal collection of art treasures of old masters like Raphael, Titian and Murielle as well as modern western and Indian painting; Grace-Roman exhibits, Chinese and Japanese art; and a large collection of contemporary Indian art.
Makarpura Palace :
A beautiful palace designed in the Italian style, the Makarpura palace is now used as a training school of the Indian Air Force.
Pratap Vilas Palace At Lalbaugh :
Built as the residence of the royal family, the Pratap Vilas is an extravagant and flamboyant building in the Indo-Saracenic style. The  palace houses a remarkable collection of old armory and sculptures in bronze, marble and terra-cotta.
Vadodara Museum And Picture Gallery :
Founded by the Gaekwad in 1894, it has impressive collections on Art and Archaeology, Natural History, Geology and Ethnology. The adjoining Art Gallery has a great collection of European old Masters : Veronese, Giordano, Zurbaran; some Flemish and Dutch school paintings; Turner and Constable; a collection of Mughal miniatures; and valuable palm-leaf manuscripts of Buddhist and Jain origin.
Tambekarwada :
It is famous for its wall painting.

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