Series 'GL & EL'

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Features :
Rigid and Heavy Duty lathe incorporating the latest desing features.
Robust graded castings.
Rigid and box section type extra double walled construction wide bed provides maximum torsinal stiffness.
Rigid and accurate, alloy steel, hardened & ground main spindle mounted on precision taper roller bearings on either side.
Extra heavy carriage and cross slide to withstand heavy stock removal.
Built-in Accuracy :
All major castings artifically seasoned for retaining built-in accuracy.
All components precision machined on Importt Substituted Mother Machines.
Hardened and shaved alloy steel gear mounted on precision hobbed spline shafts & lay in oil bath.
Flame hardened and ground bed for minimum wear.
Alloy Steel lead screw.
Each machine tested to IS-1878-1971.
Versatility :
Built-in gap bed.
Norton gear box for choosing a wide range of feeds & threads.
Wide variety of optional accessories for higher productive.
Interchangeability :
All components machined using jigs & fixtures on imported Mother Machines to close tolerance thus providing easy interchangeability. With economy, it will now be possible for you to introduce precision and speed into your machine shop.

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