Types of  Activitiy

  1. Medical Service
  2. Educational Work
  3. Work In Rural and Tribal areas
  4. Relief and Rehabilitation Work
  5. Spiritual and Cultural Work
  6. Rural Development Work
  7. Regular weekly free medical Services
  8. Distribution of Centres In India
  9. Distribution of Centres of World
Medical Service
Under this head the Math and Mission institutions served the public in general irrespective of caste, creed or nationality. During 1993-94 there were altogether 14 hospitals with 2,049 beds which served 69,175 in-patients and 21,53,744 out-patients; 27 mobile dispensaries. mostly in rural and tribal areas, treated 6,73,160 cases. There were also 91 out-patients dispensaries which treated 27,29,257 cases.There were number of medical camps in which nearly 7,000 patients were treated and 5 nurses' training centres which trained 452 nurses. sold age homes for men and women were also maintained. In all a sum of about Rs. 12.02 crores was spent for this purpose.
Educational Work
In the educational field the total number of formal educational institutions was 319 with 5 degree colleges. 187 schools and other educational institutions. 5 teachers' training colleges. In addition to this 6,503 non-formal educational centres had a total student population of 1 04,908. The total number of students covered by all the above centres is 2,07,455 (l,27,041 males and 80,414 females). The total expenditure incurred for education during 1993-94 was about Rs.34.42 crores.
Work In Rural And Tribal Areas
Rural and tribal welfare work has come to occupy a prominent place in the scheme of services rendered by the Math and Mission. A sum of Rs. 3.78 crores was spent for rural and tribal development work during 1993-94 apart from the huge expenditure incurred by the educational and medical institutions located in rural and tribal areas.
Relief And Rehabilitation Work
Relief articles worth about 21.58 lakhs were distributed Amongst people afflicted by various calamities like drought,flood, Earthquake, tornado, cyclone and fire in the year 1993-94. The Mission has undertaken a massive rehabilitation project of constructing 646 quake. resistant houses for the weaker sections of the community rendered homeless by the tragic Earthquake in 3 village, namely Haregaon, javalgawadi and kawali belonging to Ausa Taluka of Latur district. Besides, 3 schools and 3 multipurpose samaj  mandirs as well as internal roads. community water posts are also  being constructed. The total cost of the entire project is expected to  be nearly 4.5 crores and is almost nearing completion. In West Bengal  four rehabilitation projects were undertaken in Purulia,Jalpaiguri   Hoogly and South 24 Paragans districts in which 402 houses were in  various stages of completion. In Tamil Nadu,(Kanyakumari district)  71 houses were built and handed over to the beneficiaries.
Spiritual And Cultural Work
Spiritual and Cultural ideals of India  are being disseminated through various types of activities . At least  10 centres published books on religious subjects and 12 journals in different languages. More than 175 libraries, with attached  free-reading rooms in many places. containing a large  books and journals were conducted. 3 institutions, all for Sanskrit  studies, were run. Besides many public celebrations. meetings.  classes, Balaka and yuvaka sanghas were conducted all over India.
Rural Development Work
Since March 7,1993 the Ramakrishna Ashrama, Rajkot, has taken up a Rural Development Project. Every Sunday our doctors, nurses, volunteers and teachers are going to nearby villages (between 17 to 20 Kms) to offer the following services:
Regular weekly free medical Services
Our two doctors, two medical assistants and one volunteer are engaged In. this medical service where 70. to 100 patients are examined-diagnosed and free medicines are given. We have conducted the following medical camps wherein specialist doctors. medical representatives, volunteers gave their honorary service In the above camps, specialist doctors from all over Saurashtra rendered their honorary services. Medicines and also food packets were distributed to the patients In the eye camps at Kasturbadham, Limbdi and Maliyasan a total of 823 spectacles were given free of cost. Seven patients were also operated upon.


Educational and Cultural Activates
Every Sunday more than S lady teachers are giving their honorary services. More than 150 children from local schools are being given extra educational and cultural lessons. We are distributing biscuits and some times breakfast to the children.
Distribution Of Centres In India
(As on 15th April 1995)
Andaman Port Blair
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad, Rajahmundry and vishakhapatnam
Arunachal Pradesh Along, Itanagar and Narottam Nagar
Assam Guwahati,Karimaganj and silchar
Bihar Deoghar, jamsedpur, Jamtara Katihar, Patna and Ranchi (2 centres)
Delhi New Delhi
Gujarat Limbdi and Rajkot
Haryana and Punjab Chandigarh
Karnataka Bangalore,Mangalore, Mysore and Ponnampet
Kerala Kalady,Kozhikode, Palai, Quilandy Thiruvanan Thapuram,Thrissur and Tiruvalla
Madhya Pradesh Narainpur and Raipur
Maharashtra Bombay, Nagpur and Pune
Meghalaya Chengalpattu and Shillong
Orissa Bhubanewar and Puri (2 centres)
Rajasthan Jaipur and Khetri
Tamil Nadu Chengalpattu, coimbatore,. Kanchipurarn. Madras (5 centres), Madurai, Nattarampalli. Ootacamund and Salem
Tripura Viveknagar (Amtali) with a sub-centre at Agartala
Uttar Pradesh Allahabad, Almora, Kankhal, Kanpur. Kishanpur, Lucknow, Mayavati, Shyamala Tal,  varanasi (2 centres) and Vrindavan
West Bengal Antpur, Asansol, Bankura, Barasat, Belur (Saradapitha), Calcutta (9 centres) Chandipur,Contai, Garbeta,Ichapur, Jalpaiguri, Jayrambati, Kamarpukur, Malda, Manasadwip, Midnapore,Narendrapur, Purulia, Rahara, Ramharipur sargachhi, sarisha, Sikrakulingram Taki and Tamluk


Distribution of Centres of World

Argentina Buenos Aires
Bangladesh Bagerhat, Baliati, Barisal, Dhaka,Dinajpur, Faridpur, Habiganj, Mymensingh,Naravangani and Syihet
Canada Toronto
Fiji Nadi
France Gretz (Near Paris)
Japan Kanagawa-ken (Near Kamakura)
Mauritius Vacoas
Netherlands Amsterdam
Russia Moscow
Singapore Singapore
Sri Lanka Colombo
Switzerland Geneva
United Kingdom Bourne End (Near London)
United States of America Berkley, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, New York (2 centres), Portland, Providence, Sacramento,San Francisco, Seattle and St.Louis


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