Simple Design ;
Designed to have more durability and less mainentance. The entire chamber of the steamer is constructed using double walled panels for the sides and roof. Counter current principal of heat transfer is applied to maintain uniform temperature through out the chamber, which also prevents the condensation at the top wihtout requiring any additional heating by oil circulation. Bottom is open to ensure a counter pressure of air.
Tensionless Conveyance :
Stepless variable well synchronised D.C. drive is provided and designed for the tensionless movement of the fabric and can run the machine up to the speed of 40 meters/min. Chamber is fully insulated by insulating panels to minimise heat losses.
Pressureless Chamber :
Chamber is pressureless so steam comes down very gradually. Chemically contaminated steam is exhausted by well designed exaust system at the bottom of the chamber.
Steam Flow :
Steam is allowed to enter from the top of the chamber which drives out the air positively. So there is no possibility by mixing the air with the steam, which provides the ideal condition for the fixation of dyestuff.
Compactness :
Complete chamber is provided with the loop rods to untilise the full volume of the chamber most economically which makes the machine compact.
Economics :
Due to high productivity, long life Labour saving, Elemination of back-grey cloth, Less chemical consumption, Low power consumption, Ensuring uniform and first quality goods.
Less Maintenance :
The design of various components of the machine is such that they require minimum preventive maintanance.
Super Heating :
The steam is superheated externally by a Superheater before it enters the machine thermostatically.
Versatility :
Various types of Dye Fixation is possible by varing speed and Temp. From 102c to 180c.

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