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Texcel Loop Steamer Machine

Texcel Universal Loop Steamer machine is a dyes fixation machine under different condition of steam. Any fabric being printed on any printing machine requires curing or ageing process. Our machine can do the process very well. Nearly two hundred machines are working in India & Abroad. Different models are available from 90cms to 225cms fabric width in single or double width type. Various versions like open bottom, or close bottom, are also available.

Unique Features & Advantages

Very low power consumption.
Tensionless Conveyance and loop farming of the fabric.
Speed upto 40 Meters/min.
Versatile utility for Dye-Fixation on printed fabric with all classes of dyes stuffs on natural and synthetic fabrics.
Temperature range 102C to 180C.
No problem of loop rod falling as they are fixed on chain.
Low chemical consumption.
Low calorific requirement for steam super heating, as oil is directly burnt to super heat the steam
Dwell time 5 to 30 mints. depending upon speed and model of the machine.
No Explosion hazards like H.P.Ager.
Various models of 120-180-240-300 meter cloth contents with single or double width can be supplied.
No back grey cloth required.
Loop length can be varied from outside.

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Manufactured By :
Texcel Engineers
Fact : 6121/22/23, GIDC EST, SACHIN,
SURAT - 395 003(Gujarat-India)
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